Wolf's Den
Location (Former) Canada
Species Affiliation Wolf
Population 150 Million

The Wolf's Den is the central homeland of the Brotherhood of Wolves.  It spans from the Northern (former) United States to the North of Canada.  It is estimated that a population of 150 million wolves live in this area.

Places of Halfkinds Volume 1: Contact
Cities/Territories: Las Vegas - The Moon - Primm - Seadog - Wolf’s Den

Places: 1523 Chakming Drive - Gonzalez Station - Li Station - Primm-Austen - Primm-Burke - Primm-Phillips - Spades and Diamonds Casino

Places of Halfkinds Volume 2: Horus
Cities/Territories: Allied City - Bay Area - Helken - Horus Backup Island - Wolf’s Den

Places: Alliance HQ / San Francisco Branch - Horus Headquarters - Iris and Fenrir's Cabin