Implants are the future. Thanks to General Rox and his Implant Program, a new wave of soldiers have been born. However, despite all this new found power, Rox still yearns to finish a mission that has long eluded him, to kill the creature known as The Collector. As luck would have it, after disappearing for years, The Collector has returned. This time, the creature is looking for a deadly device that could tip the scale in its favor and aid it in its grandiose goals.

On the other side of the world, Fang Snow's daughter, Falena, is trying to find out the truth on her mother's fate. She's been searching far and wide and may have finally stumbled onto what she's been looking for. Yet, the information she has discovered comes with a deadly price.

While these stories unfold, the halfkinds continue their fight for freedom, and they're getting closer than ever.

Plot SummaryEdit

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Characters of Halfkinds Volume 4: North
POV: Ash Han - Don Leons - Falena Snow - General Rox - Iris Lawton - Ivy Lawton - Mark Allen - Maya Lawton - Two Van Faye

Nyx Residents: The Brutes - Lucy

Alliance Members: Eli Winde

Others: Cid Heartily - Penghou Triad Group Cronies - The Collector

Places of Halfkinds Volume 4: North
Cities/Territories: Allied City - Nyx

Places: Benjamin Plaza Hotel - Eli Winde's Compound - Lake Oswego Admin Office - Sector Six

Factions of the Halfkind Series
Major: United Species Alliance - Brotherhood of Wolves - Gorilla Government - High Dog Council - High Human Council

Mentioned/Minor: Amphibious Alliance - Aviation Society - Cheetah Congregation - Chimp Nation - Crocodile Congress - Horned Beast Faction - Lion Authority - Pig Government - Republic of Cats - Royal Elephant Society - Tiger Legion

Teams: Company Manticore - Operation Halfkinds Task Force - The Alphas

Groups: HORUS - Implantus - USASD

Families: Lawton Family - Snow Family - Van Faye Family

Major Events of the Halfkind Series
Introduced In... 

Volume 1: The Ark Project - The Ark Rebellion - The Event - Gorilla Lion Conflict - Operation Halfkinds

Volume 2: Operation Horus

Volume 3: Alpha Project

Volume 4: Implant Program

Terms of the Halfkind Series
Tech: Genetic Targeting System - Implant - Insta-item - Personal Porter - Synconium

Service: Supply Depot - Teleportation Stations

Weaponry: Bioshield - Mellyst Cloud - Yari