Tian Lau
Species Cheetah
Age 24
Height/Length 3 ft 1 in
Weight 145 lbs
Factions Van Faye Family

“Tian looks slighted by my remark, but restrained enough to know his place.” - Two Van Faye


Tian Lau is a cheetah. Like his partner, Chris Ren, he wears slick clothing and sunglasses.


Tian Lau is an underling of Two Van Faye. However, like Chris Ren, he does not directly report to Van Faye. Instead, he is on the bottom of the totem pole, reporting to a boss who reports to another boss.

Volume 3: AlphasEdit

Ren, along with Ren, is tasked with capturing Adachi Konoe. They are successful only thanks to the help of Sai. Afterwards, they present Konoe to Van Faye. They then watch Van Faye sell Konoe to The Collector.

Moments later, Van Faye is interrogated by The Alphas via General Rox in her own penthouse. Upon The Alphas entering the penthouse, Lau and Ren are instructed by Van Faye to attack The Alphas. They perish in the assault, dispatched in an easy manner.


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