"Before the Event, there was a boom in breakthroughs, but now, it’s hard to come by anything amazing.  There just isn’t time for it.  With so much conflict and tension on the Earth, the only thing there’s time for is violence and fear." - Iris Lawton


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With their forces dwindling and the humans unwilling to negotiate, the animals used their desperation plan, an action that would be known as “The Event.” Humans had deconstructed their WMD cache centuries ago, but the rebels had learned the technology and developed it over the past hundred years. On March 2nd, 2541, the rebellion launched a bomb at the coast of western China. Over a million humans lost their lives that day.

Major Events of the Halfkind Series
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Volume 1: The Ark Project - The Ark Rebellion - The Event - Gorilla Lion Conflict - Operation Halfkinds

Volume 2: Operation Horus

Volume 3: Alpha Project

Volume 4: Implant Program