The Brutes are the first wave of hybrids created by Lucy and Ivy Lawton, and the first post HORUS.


The Brutes are the prototype of sorts, but also failed experiments. While they are large and strong, they are also brutish in nature and lack the intelligence that would make them useful. Iris Lawton likens them to pets as they are tamable but have a savage instinct inside. Iris and Lucy wanted to dispose of them due to their low intelligence capacity, but Ivy begged for it not to happen. In the end a compromise was made that they would be spared if Ivy would take care of the brutes.


The brutes range in appearance due to the various species they are comprised of. All are bi-pedal, muscular, and large. Each are also equipped with fast reflexes and an abundance of strength. As Ivy describes them: “Their skeletal structure is similar to a human. They are bipedal, have feet, legs, arms, and hands. They also have toes and fingers, five on each appendage like a human. They have necks and backs, stomachs, and shoulders. Yet on the outside, they are very animal-like. Their heads match their animal counterparts. Their skin has fur or scales, depending on which brute you look at. Some have tails, others have claws on their hands. They are a mishmash of human and other. And it’s not a smooth combination. Their appearance isn’t as transitioned as Lucy or my mother and me. No, they are deformed. Bumps and pieces of bone protrude from their bodies. Just a list of some of the facial deformities: misaligned eyes, teeth that grow out of the mouth, and drooped and unnaturally curved lips.”


There are 10 brutes total:

Cat Hybrids – Carl (male) and Carrie (female)

Tiger Hybrids – Terry (male), Tuner (male), and Tonga (female)

Lion Hybrids – Larry (male), Leo (male), and Lucia (female)

Reptile Hybrid – Croc (male)

Elephant Hybrid – Elle (female)

Halfkinds Volume 4: NorthEdit

When Nyx is threatened of being exposed thanks to the Penghou Triad Group Cronies, it is up to Ivy to fend off the intruders. She plans to go at it alone, but is instructed by Iris to take the brutes with her, despite her protests. Ivy is able to successfully fend off the crime group, but in the process, all of the brutes are killed. At this point, Ivy is furious with her mother, but Iris explains it was necessary, because, according to her visions, had the brutes not been there to be a distraction, Ivy would have been killed. Feeling the ambivalence of this revelation, Ivy feels helpless that she could not control her or the brutes’ destinies.


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