Teleportation stations are buildings that hold teleporters.  This allows citizens to travel accross the country by simply walking through a pod device.  In large cities, there can be hundreds of teleportation stations, some allowing travel within town, others allowing international teleports.


Teleportation stations are only operable during business hours.  They are powered by an in house energy source, thus the source needs sufficient downtime to cool down.  If it doesn't, a meltdown can occur.  Teleportation stations only provide "sending" teleporters.  Receiving teleporters are housed in separate buildings nearby.  Receiving teleporters are operational twenty four hours a day to accomdate teleportations coming from different timezones.


Teleportation activity is monitored by the Alliance and its sub-divisions.  Logs record citizens who enter and use the machines.  During off hours, they are kept safegaurded by security protocols.

Terms of the Halfkind Series
Tech: Genetic Targeting System - Implant - Insta-item - Personal Porter - Synconium

Service: Supply Depot - Teleportation Stations

Weaponry: Bioshield - Mellyst Cloud - Yari