The Spades and Diamonds Casino is an abandoned casino in the outskirts of Primm.  

History Edit

According to Oscar Lawton:

"The Spades and Diamonds Casino used to be a relatively successful gambling hall, but hard times reduced it to an eyesore in Primm.  Given the city’s already poverty filled state, that was hard to do.  Its owners went out of business, abandoning mostly everything.  There were rumors that the local mob drove them out of town.  They left in such a hurry that they had no time to flush the building out.  

There have been talks of investors coming in to refurbish the place, but there’s been no resolution.  Poor conditioned slot machines, tables, and decaying furniture is all that you’ll find inside."

Halfkinds Volume 1: ContactEdit

When Oscar Lawton and his camp split from Tiago Lawton, it is suggested by Maddie Lawton that the group hides at the Spades and Diamonds Casino.  Maddie has snuck there several times and is familiar with the area.

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