Location Southern Panhandle
Species Affiliation Dog / Human
Population 1.1 Million

Seadog is a booming dog city on the southern tip of the Florida panhandle.  It has wonderful beaches and top notch law enforcement thanks to the resources given by humans.  

Even though Seadog is considered a dog city, it owes its development to humans. Humans provided financial funding, and human law enforcement help patrol the streets when dogs need assistance. In return, they get a small portion of the local tax charged to Seadog residents.

Places of Halfkinds Volume 1: Contact
Cities/Territories: Las Vegas - The Moon - Primm - Seadog - Wolf’s Den

Places: 1523 Chakming Drive - Gonzalez Station - Li Station - Primm-Austen - Primm-Burke - Primm-Phillips - Spades and Diamonds Casino