Scott Marsden
Species Human
Age 69
Height/Length 6 ft
Weight 180 lbs
Factions Sloan Police Department

"The sight of a dead body always irks me, the possibility that the killer hasn’t left is even more troublesome." - Scott Marsden


Scott Marsden is in his 50's-60's, is of medium build, and has brown hair.  He is 6 feet tall and has an unkempt look with a scruffy, unshaven face.


Scott Marsden is a detective of the Sloan Police Departmen - Human Division.  He is single.

Volume 1: ContactEdit

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On November 15, 3040, Marsden is sent out on a tip (later revealed to be sent by Tiago Lawton) to Primm  to investigate a possible murder.  He arrives on the scene and investigates the house, slowly discovering the truth about Maya Lawton  and the existance of halfkinds.  His investigation is then interrupted by Leonard Lawton.  After a small confrontation, Leonard attempts to kill Scott Marsden with a butcher knife, and Marsden has no choice but to shoot him down.


  • The name Scott Marsden is derived from Cyclops in the X-Men movie series, Scott being the first name, Scott Summers, and Marsden being the surname of the actor who plays him (James Marsden ).  Cyclops is one of the author's favorite comic book characters.


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