Raymus Snow
Species Wolf
Age 42
Height/Length 3 ft 8 in
Weight 170 lbs
Factions Brotherhood of Wolves

Snow Family

"He’s the most pragmatic of the younglings and usually takes the lead when I need someone to help." - Fang Snow


Danzel Snow is a grey wolf. He is stocky and muscular. He also has the lightest coat among the family of wolves.


Of the younger Snow brothers, Raymus is the oldest. He is often cool under pressure and has a wisdom that Patrice and Danzel lack. Fang respects his easy going nature and his experienced mind.


Like the other Snows, Raymus is a member of the high prestiege Snow family. Each member takes service to the Brotherhood very seriously, and considers it a great honor to be placed so highly among the ranks of the Brotherhood's army. After Fenrir Snow abandoned the family and became a fugitive, the family was quickly exiled from the Brotherhood. Now they yearn nothing more than to turn in their brother, dead or alive.

Volume 2: HorusEdit

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The Snows are able to track Fenrir down in his cabin in the Wolf’s Den. They then launch their assault.

Danzel and Raymus team up to lure Fenrir away from his cabin. After a confrontation, both are defeated and knocked out by Fenrir. When they come to, the Snows return to their hunt, tracking him down to the Bay Area.

The four attack him once they find him, again. Fenrir is injured in the confrontation by Patrice, but Fenrir is also able to blow off Danzel's leg and severely burn Raymus. Even with their injuries so severe, Fang forces the family to continue their pursuit.

They are finally able to track Fenrir down at Horus Headquarters. The four observe the chaotic surroundings, but are able to avoid any encounters with Company Manticore. They track Fenrir to the transportation bay as Fenrir, Iris Lawton, Lucy, and Bastion make their escape and launch their attack.

Fenrir battles his siblings one last time. He uses a mellyst cloud to hide his movements, and picks off his brothers, including Raymus. It is unknown if Danzel survived the attack and the blast afterwards.


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