Oscar Lawton
Species Human-Bear Hybrid
Age 22
Height/Length 6 ft 6 in
Weight 300 lbs
Factions Lawton Family

"Oscar is a strong leader, but he has too much compassion." - Tiago Lawton


As described by Simon Trevor:

"It’s another massive creature, much larger than Tiago, teetering on the more obese side.  His body is covered with a light brown fur.  His fingers are long and at the end of them are claws.  His face is round and a large snout protrudes from the center of his face.  On the top of his head are two fuzzy ears."


Oscar is the second oldest of the Lawtons, and thus, he asserts himself as a leader much like Tiago Lawton.  Unlike Tiago, he is kinder to his siblings deemed weak links, and believes all of his family members have a part to play.  

Tiago and Oscar are rivals.  Oscar disagrees with Tiago's survivalist mentality, while Tiago disagrees with Oscar's willingness to give everyone a chance.

Volume 1: ContactEdit

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Oscar helps out in leadership after the Lawtons flee their childhood home.  However, he quickly start to butt heads with Tiago.  They disagree on who should be tasked to get supplies, and Oscar opposes Tiago arming Lombardi Lawton with weapons on his mission to Primm-Phillips supply depot.  Oscar also has doubts in Tiago's plan to escape to the terraformed Moon.

Things become heated after Lombardi dies, and Oscar decides to part ways with Tiago.  He takes a group of family members with him (Maddie Lawton, Iris Lawton, and Isaac Lawton) and they find refuge at the Spades and Diamonds Casino.

Simon Trevor and his team make it to the Spades and Diamonds Casino and confront Oscar’s camp.  After a small battle, Oscar and his group are captured and subdued.  Commander Trevor reveals his intel and the message he received from Tiago.  Oscar is stunned by this revelation and saddened.  Though they had their differences, he did not think Tiago could be capable of such deeds.

Oscar does not have much time to ponder this though.  He had hope that Simon Trevor would spare him, but Oscar is killed by a blast to the head by an insubordinate Borton Freely.


Oscar represents the opposite of what Tiago is.  He is a sympathetic and kind leader.  However, in times of battle, this proves to be a weak trait.  Oscar lacks the cunning that Tiago has and only views the big goals without realizing the steps it takes to get there.  While Tiago is cold and calculating, Oscar is not, and in war time, it is the lack of these traits that causes Oscar's demise.



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