Maddie Lawton
Species Human-Cow Hybrid
Age 18
Height/Length 6 ft
Weight 220 lbs
Factions Lawton Family

"Her question doesn’t surprise me though, she’s not very bright." - Iris Lawton


Maddie Lawton is one of the larger members of the Lawton Family.  She stands a little over 6 feet and weighs about 220 lbs.  Her skin is a light peach color, but her short black and white hairs that cover her body make her look more like her cow half than her human half.  She has small eyes and short, thick black hair.  Her nose is large and pink, much like her cow half.  Her hands and feet also come more from her cow half, as her fingers are dense and hard, much like a hoof.  However, she can still move her fingers dexterously like a human.  Because of her rough appearance, she tends to dress low key to avoid highlighting anything on her body.


Maddie Lawton grew up terrorized of her brother Tiago Lawton and his “gang.”  Because of her odd appearance and docile nature, she was an easy target for her more aggressive brothers.  As a result, she is insecure.  She also has low intelligence and is mocked for this at times.  

Her other brother, Oscar Lawton, wasn’t like Tiago, and treated her very kindly.  She is forever grateful to Oscar for this, and is his most loyal sibling, to the point that she follows Oscar blindly.

Volume 1: ContactEdit

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Maddie remains a wallflower during the initial events of Volume 1.  Iris Lawton notes that she often snuck out when Maya Lawton forbade it.  Maddie also mistakes the United Species Alliance Science Division for bill collectors, which causes Iris to note that Maddie isn’t that bright.

When Oscar and Tiago’s argument splits the family apart, Maddie immediately sides with Oscar and follows him, along with Iris and Isaac Lawton, to the Spades and Diamonds Casino.  It is there that Simon Trevor subdues the group and Oscar is killed by Borton Freely.  Maddie takes advantage of her captors’ scuffle, and in a fit of rage, she kills Borton.  Almost instantly, she is mowed down and killed by gunfire by Apollo Bradley.


  • Maddie's name derives from Mad Cow disease.


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