Mack Kirijo
Species White Tiger
Age 39
Height/Length 4 ft 2 in / 10 ft 1 in
Weight 390 lbs
Factions None

"He sounds drained, and I imagine a grizzled looking tiger with crusty fur and tired eyes as the mouthpiece behind the voice." - Adachi Konoe


Mack is a haggard looking tiger under captivity. He is unkempt and slightly malnourished thanks to years of drug abuse.


Though he didn't owe Two Van Faye credits, he did owe another crime boss a hefty sum. Mack doesn't divulge who he owes, but it is suggested it was drug related.

Volume 3: AlphasEdit

Kirijo is a fellow prisoner, held in the same room as Adachi Konoe at Lucy's Base. They are both held there by Lucy, though they don't know what her intentions are. Konoe is able to pry some information from Mack, though he knows little. Unfortunately for Mack, he is taken away by Lucy, never to be seen by Konoe again.


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