Leonard Lawton
Species Human-Frog Hybrid
Age 16
Height/Length 5 ft 1 in
Weight 120 lbs
Factions Lawton Family

"I’m sorry mother, I failed you." - Leonard Lawton


Due to his half man, half frog make up, Leonard's skin is a shade of green and scaly.  However, it is moist and gentle, unlike Curtis Lawton, who also has a reptile background.  His mouth is larger than his siblings, and his eyes protrude from their sockets.  His hands and feet are webbed, but he has five digits per appendage like a human.  He is shorter than his brothers, standing a little over five feet.  His tongue is slightly prehensile, though not to the degree of his frog father.


Leonard Lawton is the youngest of the Lawton family. Maya Lawton had coddled him growing up, and he is considered the family's “mama’s boy.” Maya was very protective over Leonard, keeping him closest by her side amongst the Lawton siblings. Because of that, Leonard had grown to be immature, insecure, and naïve. He adores his mother and dislikes Tiago Lawton and his faction due to their rebelliousness against their mother.

Volume 1: Contact

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When Maya Lawton dies abruptly at the beginning of Volume 1, the Lawton siblings decide it's best to vacate their home and go into hiding. They decide to leave their mother's body behind, as they do not have time to give her a proper burial. Leonard Lawton adamantly refuses to do so, but he is eventually coaxed by Tiago to leave. Leonard does so unwillingly.

After a week of hiding, Leonard is racked with guilt and shame and decides to go back to their abandoned home to bury their mother. He sneaks off in the early morning, thinking no one sees him. However, Tiago notices Leonard leaving. Disappointed that Leonard would put the siblings in danger with his rash actions, and curious to see how society will react to their existence, Tiago sends a tip the Primm Police Department, essentially ratting out his brother's whereabouts.

Leonard arrives at his home, and mourns over his mother, whose corpse has rotted over the week. However, he is discovered by Det. Scott Marsden. Marsden draws his gun on Leonard, and in a desperation move, Leonard tries to attack Marsden with a butcher knife. Marsden fires in retaliation, and Leonard dies next to his mother's body.

The discovery of Leonard is what sets motion the actions of the United Species Alliance. The knowledge of his existence is what causes them to launch Operation Halfkinds.


Leonard’s naivety and loyalty are ultimately his undoing.  He disregards Tiago’s warning to leave his mother, disbelieving that he’d be in any danger in visiting.  His blind devotion is what drives him to take such unnecessary risks.  For this, he is considered a weak link (along with Lombardi Lawton and Maddie Lawton) by Tiago.


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