Isabella Starla
Species Human
Age 30
Height/Length 5 ft 6 in
Weight 120 lbs
Factions Lawton Family

"One word described her - desperate." - Lionel Changer


Isabella Starla is tall, slender, with brunette hair and a large best. She is noted for her long legs and sharp, beautiful face.


Isabella Starla started out as a naive girl trying to make it in Las Vegas. She aspired to be an entertainer, but soon got hooked to drugs and resorted to prostitution.

HORUS took notice of her availability to service animals, and she was contacted to be the first mother to the first hybrid. She was disgusted by the idea, but could not turn down the credits.

She had the birthing implants grafted to her uterus and was artificially inseminated. She then gave birth to the first hybrid, Zorro, collected her credits, and left.


Two years later, she passed away from synconium poisoning, a side effect of the birthing implants.


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