Isaac Lawton
Species Human-Cat Hybrid
Age 17
Height/Length 5 ft 8 in
Weight 160 lbs
Factions Lawton Family

"He’s earnest and on good terms with the rest of the family, but they usually refer to us as one entity.  They say it must be a cat thing, that we stick to our own kind.  I think it’s just because Isaac understands me, and I understand him." - Iris Lawton


Isaac Lawton looks much like his twin sister, Iris Lawton.  His body type is lean and well defined.  He has whiskers and cat like eyes.  His fur covers his body whole and his ears point up.  


Isaac is the twin brother of Iris Lawton.  They share a natural bond with each other and are each others' confidants.  Isaac is mild mannered, but has streaks of hot-headedness at times.  He is also blunt and straight forward, often acting as the straight man to Iris's idealistic nature.

Isaac is vaguely aware of Iris's precognitive abilities, but he does not understand them fully.  Nevertheless, he supports his sister even though he is ignorant to the power she wields.

Volume 1: ContactEdit

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Isaac remains low key throughout the events of Volume 1.  He does not care for Oscar and Tiago's conflict, though he does agree with Tiago Lawton on certain issues, such as Tiago's attitude to be aggressive.

However, he is convinced by Iris to follow Oscar because she has a vision of Tiago's plan failing.  He's skeptical of her claim, but agrees to follow her.

After the raid on the Spades and Diamonds Casino, the twins narrowly escape.  They are chased to the sewers by Apollo Bradley, but are able to render him unconscious.  It is during this time Isaac doubts Iris's vision further, as he questions why she didn't see Oscar's plan failing as well.  

Afterwards, they decide to meet back with Tiago, hoping he will take them in.  They use Iris's powers to locate him  When the twins arrive at the Li Station, they explain what happened, but he refuses to allow them to join, and banishes them.  Before they go, Isaac tells Tiago that he wishes his plan will fail, and that he dies trying.

The twins resolve to head back to their childhood home at 1523 Chakming Drive.  Apollo Bradley and Fenrir Snow also track them there.  Isaac tries to put up a fight to protect his sister, but he fails.  After an intense verbal exchange, Apollo Bradley executes Isaac in front of Iris's eyes.

Volume 2: HorusEdit

Isaac appears briefly in a dream of Iris's. He urges Iris to not worry about her future.


Isaac's death haunts Iris to a certain degree.  She is unable to bring up memories concerning him, as they are too painful for her to remember.


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