Fan Zui Bin
Location Eastern Asia
Species Affiliation All
Population 252 million

Fan Zui Bin is the country built on top of the blast radius as a result of The Event.

No Man's LandEdit

In the aftermath of The Ark Rebellion, Eastern China and Japan was left a fallout ridden zone devoid of life. The newly formed United Species Alliance refused to be involved in clean up, thus private contractors did the job, hoping to claim the land after it was done. This area was known as No Man's Land.

Crime HavenEdit

Many of these contractors were actually hired by members of the criminal underground. At the time, humans were the only ones who had such connections. After the cleanup process was complete, man infamous crime lords moved in and built their own meccas in the law free zone. The Alliance still refused to be involved, and for the most part let the crime lords have their way with the country, as long as it didn't affect the mainland. It was declared Fan Zui Bin, meaning the crime shore.


All the crime families were human, thus, the humans welcomed other species in with open arms, hoping to take advantage of their naivety. Crime bosses ruled their own cities and often engaged in mob wars with rivals out in the open. Classes formed, with humans at the top, and other species at the bottom. However, a rebellion eventually started, and most human crime lords were overthrown by the repressed public, and their families destroyed.


In modern day Fan Zui Bin, there has been a role reversal. Humans are now the minorities after their purge during the rebellion. Bosses are almost always of other species. The Alliance, however, still remains neutral, but observers are counting the days until they will make their move and govern Fan Zui Bin.

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