Ducco Futang
Species Lion
Age 30 (V1)

51 (V3)

Height/Length 4 ft / 7 ft 5 in
Weight 400 lbs
Factions Lion Authority

"Once I found out he was six months late with his payments that’s when I cared. Such actions always mean death." - Two Van Faye


Is a disheveled lion. His body has been wrecked thanks to years of drug use. It's described as emaciated. His fur is faded and rough.


Ducco Futang was a member of the Lion Authority's army during the Gorilla Lion Conflict. He went AWOL and found himself in Las Vegas, then Primm.

Volume 1: ContactEdit

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In Primm, he encountered Curtis Lawton who was heading on his suicide mission. He got in an argument with Lawton after Lawton chided him for his cowardice, and in turned Lawton threatened him, scaring him away.

Volume 3: AlphasEdit

Main Article: Plot Summary of Volume 3: Alphas

It is revealed that after Volume 1, Futang fell on hard times. He escape Las Vegas and went to Shogun where he fell into debt, catching the notice of Two Van Faye. His debt made him a target for collecting, and he was the first animal offered to The Collector.


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