Cid Heartily
Species Human
Age 33
Height/Length 5 ft 9 in
Weight 155 lbs
Factions HORUS

“He was helpful to everyone and had a good heart.” – Maya Lawton


Cid Heartily was a security officer at HORUS who assisted Maya Lawton in her escape and helped her relocate to Primm.


Not much detail is given to how Cid looks, but Maya Lawton commented that he was a friendly looking man.

Maya’s EscapeEdit

Cid was a security officer at HORUS, and thus helped disable the alarms so that Maya Lawton could have an easy passage way out of HORUS via teleportation. Afterwards, he helped Maya find a house to live in Primm.


It is unknown if Lionel Changer ever discovered Cid’s hand in Maya’s escape. If he did, Cid may have been punished with death. Even so afterwards, he was most likely killed during Operation Horus, if he was still alive and working at HORUS at that point.


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