Candy Lawton
Species Human-Chimp Hybrid
Age 20
Height/Length 5 ft 5 in
Weight 115 lbs
Factions Lawton Family

"She is the future, a mind unmatched in this world." - Tiago Lawton


According to Simon Trevor's observations:

"This one is the most human looking.  Its posture is hunched over a bit, and it’s a lot hairier than a human.  Its nose is flattened and there is a long gaping mouth under it.  It has long, styled hair, and it’s wearing short shorts and a pink tee shirt."


Candy Lawton is the family's technical ace.  She excels at any task given to her if it requires intelligence.  She is self taught, learning everything from the infospace and research.  She is personable and gets along with all the family members.  In turn, they respect her for her intelligence.  She holds no allegiances, and is a neutral party during family conflicts.

Volume 1: ContactEdit

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Candy is the technical backbone throughout the events of Volume 1.  She is able to create gear and weapons for the family to use.  She normally complies with any request given to her, thus she made explosives when asked for them by Tiago Lawton.  She stays out of family conflicts, but decides to side with Tiago when the family splits apart.  Her motivations for this are not revealed, but she most likely did so because Tiago asked her to.  Still she holds no grudge against Oscar and his camp.

She is solely responsible for getting the teleporters up and running at the Li Station so Tiago and his camp can make an exit.  However, during Simon Trevor's final raid, Candy's task is interrupted.  Candy, Tiago, and Alex Lawton are forced to take cover and the teleporter is deemed unoperational and the controls are within shooting range of Simon Trevor's team.

Candy is the only one with the knowledge to get it running, and she bravely sacrifices herself to bring it to operation.  She is gunned down in the process by Simon Trevor and Apollo Bradley which kills her instantly.


Candy has genius level intellect.  She is able to hack into security systems, create explosives from spare items, and has a high aptitude for engineering.  All of the Lawtons marveled at her intelligence, and it is likely she is one of the smartest beings on the planet.

Equipment and HackingEdit

Some of the things Candy is able to do during her time on the run:

  • Create explosives for Lombardi Lawton and Curtis Lawton
  • Hack into the supply depot security systems
  • Hack into the teleporter station securiy systems
  • Get the teleporters operational
  • Create landmines to protect the Li Station perimeter


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