Brock West
Species Human
Age 40
Height/Length 6 ft 8 in
Weight 270 lbs
Factions Company Manticore

"I can’t help but be fearful for what this man is going to do." - Lionel Changer


Brock West is a massive man, standing almost seven feet tall. He appears to be younger than his age, has a buzz cut, and is very muscular. His jaw is hard and chiseled and his eyes are focused and intense.


Despite is relatively young age, West is an extremely experienced soldier. He is highly intelligent, focused, and carries out his mission diligently. Brock as excellent detective skills, and with enough time and preparation, can hunt down any fugitive.

He was assigned to the halfkind issue to find the location of HORUS. Despite all the safeguards Lionel Changer instilled, West is able to locate HORUS in a few years.

Volume 2: HorusEdit

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West spends much of the first half of the novel detailing his plans for Operation Horus.

When the attack launches, West takes the lead for the above ground team. He easily battles his way to the entrance and through HORUS, eliminating staff and halfkinds in his hunt for Lionel Changer.

Eventually, as the team starts to clear out HORUS, West finally makes it to Changer. After a short conversation, he blasts Changer in the head, instantly killing him.

After the mission is over, he reports his findings to General Rox. He also informs Rox that he completed his secondary mission, to extract and obtain Changer's implant data and schematics.


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