Borton Freely
Species Domestic Pig
Age 41
Height/Length 5 ft 5 in
Weight 550 lbs
Factions Pig Priders - Pig Government

Operation Halfkinds Task Force

"I don’t believe Borton’s whole ‘I’m carrying out my duty’ shtick. He executed someone." - Apollo Bradley


Borton Freely is a pig of domestic breed.  He is of average length (65 in) and of average weight (550 lbs) for a pig.  He has a pink complexion and small hairs on his forehead.


Borton is a member of the Pig Priders, the military arm of the Pig Government.  He was requested to assist on Operation Halfkinds by his superiors at the direction of the United Species Alliance.  He is an excellent tracker of currency and has skills in monitoring financial transactions.  However, these skills are called into question in usefulness for Operation Halfkinds, particularly by Fenrir Snow.

He also notes his equipment is a mish mash of jury rigged human weapons, which is a common practice for pigs.

Volume 1: ContactEdit

Borton is a dutiful soldier during Operation Halfkinds.  During the assignment to check out the supply depots, he teams up with Erawan Bornoa, though their search is fruitless.  He then joins Simon Trevor and Apollo Bradley on their assignment to the Spades and Diamonds Casino.

It is during this task that his true colors show.  He outright disobeys orders from Commander Trevor and charges ahead on what is supposed to be an investigative mission.  After the Alliance team captures Oscar Lawton and his camp, he once again disobeys orders and kills Oscar Lawton.  An enraged Commander Trevor argues with Borton, and it is revealed he does not get paid for service by the Pig Priders unless the mission is complete, and the halfkinds are dead.  Trevor’s choice spare Oscar Lawton jeopardized his reward. 

Unfortunately, their argument made them unaware of the other surviving halfkinds in the room, and Maddie Lawton impaled Borton in the head while he was distracted.  He dies shortly after.


Borton is headstrong, brash, and selfish.  He defies orders for his own selfish reasons, and kills Oscar Lawton for what is essentially a bounty.  Despite this, he was still considered a valuable team member, and his death caused Simon Trevor to doubt his abilities as a leader.


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