Bill John
Species Domestic Pig
Age 60
Height/Length 5 ft 7 in
Weight 510 lbs
Factions United Species Alliance

Company Manticore

"He’s our headquarters away from home, providing commentary and strategy to us while we are out in the heat of battle." - Brock West


Bill John has the appearance of a standard domestic pig, with a snout, thick, muscular frame, and curly tail.  He is slightly leaner than other pigs his size.


Bill John is the tactical commander of Company Manticore, and instructs members on the field via communicator.  He also sends maps, schematics, and on the fly information.  He and Brock West often coordinate missions together.

Volume 2: HorusEdit

During Operation Horus, Bill John has a command console set up for him in the woods. This allows him to do in-depth planning and strategy during the mission. He is present throughout the operation and monitors all the team member's progress. He is also in charge of direction and map duties.


John is considered the top of his field. He can micromanage thousands of processes at one time, and has earned the reputation and gained the skills needed to handle West's operation.


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