Alex Lawton
Species Human-Rhino Hybrid
Age 21
Height/Length 6 ft 7 in
Weight 315 lbs
Factions Lawton Family

“Where did you learn such treachery?” - Tiago Lawton


Alex has a massive build is extremely muscular.  He stands at 6 ft 7 in and weighs over 300 lbs.  He is extremely strong and an intimidating presence to anyone who crosses his path.  His skin is grey, eyes small and beady.  He is bald and has the ears of a human.  Alex also has a horn protruding from the center of his face.


Alex is hot headed yet silent.  He scares most of his brothers and sisters with his hulking size and harsh attitude.  However, he is loyal to Tiago Lawton, and Tiago uses him as his muscle in most cases.  At times, Alex can be stubborn, rude, selfish, and quick to anger.

Volume 1: ContactEdit

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Alex remains close to Tiago’s side throughout most of the Volume 1.  He is Tiago’s silent enforcer and a sort of bodyguard.  Tiago shares with him most of his plans, including the betrayal of Oscar.

Alex stays close to Tiago all the way up to Simon Trevor’s raid on the Li Station.  He and Ace defend the perimeter while Candy Lawton and Tiago work on getting the teleporter up and running.  He holds his ground and is able to buy his siblings time before Trevor’s team eventually makes it to the entrance.  There, he takes cover, along with Tiago and Candy.  When Candy volunteers to get the teleporter running, even though the controls are in the line of fire, Alex gladly accepts it.  However, he is admonished by Tiago for wanting to make such foolish sacrifices.

Candy ignores Tiago and goes to the control anyway.  She is able to start the teleporter, but dies in the process.  Before they can enter the teleporter, Simon Trevor’s team destroys the controls, rendering it useless, and mortally wounds Tiago.  Alex hides, and craftily takes this time to shoot and kill Trevor.

Unfortunately, this enrages Apollo Bradley, and the dog makes quick work of Alex, rendering him mortally wounded as well.  Apollo offers them medical assistance in exchange for the whereabouts of the twins.  Tiago refuses, stating he will never give up the twins, but Alex eagerly takes the deal.  This turns out to be a trick, and Apollo kills both Alex quickly he reveals the information.


In a sense, Alex can be viewed as having more revolting morals than Tiago.  While Tiago sets the line between family members that are expendable versus ones that are “on top of the food chain,” Alex has no line and sees every family member as possible sacrifices.  Unfortunately, he lacks Tiago’s judgment, and is easily tricked by Apollo.  This proves to be his ultimate undoing.


  • Alex is named after Alex O' Hirn, an alias of Marvel Comic's The Rhino .


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