Adachi Konoe
Species Cat
Age 27
Height/Length 1 ft 7 in
Weight 19 lbs
Factions None

“You are a nobody. You came from a nobody town, live in a nobody lot in Shogun, and work as a nobody janitor in one of my casinos." - Two Van Faye


Adachi Konoe is described as a tabby cat of orange color. He's slightly overweight due to his life of decadence and dresses in showy, semi formal clothing. His style is described as slick.


Adachi comes from a small farming town called Selina located in the Northern former Japan, now known as Fan Zui Bin. His dad was in the pest control business, and Adachi often was embarrassed of this fact. It was his father's profession that pushed Adachi to run from Selina and head to Shogun.

Once in Shogun, he works as a janitor in one of Two Van Faye's casinos with the dream of being a boss of his own one day. However, he has accomplished little, though he refuses to acknowledge this.

Volume 3: AlphasEdit

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During the events of Volume 3, Adachi is pursued and captured by Chris Ren, Tian Lau, and Sai. He is then taken to Two Van Faye, whom he owes credits. Adachi questions why he is being taken when what he owes isn't a substantial amount. Van Faye reveals that she is selling him to The Collector for a large amount of credits. The Collector then appears and knocks him out.

When he wakes up, he realizes he is in a cage being kept prisoner. He converses with a fellow captive, Mack Kirijo, to figure out who is holding him. His questions are answered when Lucy appears. He demands explanations, but finds Lucy is not the talkative type.

A few days later, Adachi is taken in for extraction by Lucy, killing him in the process. Before he dies, he expresses regret for a wasted life.


Adachi is arrogant, conceited, and far from humble. He often boasts his few accomplishments at any turn. He also exaggerates his achievements.

However, after his capture, he realizes his mistakes and regrets the lies he has told over his life. He realizes he was chasing paper dragons. He wishes to return to a simpler life, but it is too late.


  • Adachi's name comes from the main antagonist of Persona 4, a video game on the Playstation 2. Andrew Vu is a fan of the Persona series.


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