Ace Lawton
Species Human-Cheetah Hybrid
Age 18
Height/Length 5 ft 10 in
Weight 150 lbs
Factions Lawton Family

"Ace’s loyalty has never been questioned. I know, and the others know, that he looks up to me, that he idolizes me." - Tiago Lawton


Ace looks very similar to Tiago, but leaner, skinnier, and with spots.  His fur is yellow instead of orange.  He has long arms and legs, and also some whiskers on his face.  Ace also has a large yellow tail, also spotted.


Ace is Tiago's most loyal follower.  He idolizes Tiago.  In his mind, Tiago can do no wrong.  Ace is willing to do anything at Tiago's calling.  He more even tempered than Tiago, but his allegiance also causes him to bully some of his brothers and sisters in the same way Tiago does, specifically Maddie Lawton, Lombardi Lawton, and Leonard Lawton.

Volume 1: ContactEdit

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Ace is by Tiago's side throughout most of Volume 1.  He is sent to scout the Lawton home after the family left and informed the Lawtons of Leonard's demise.   He also reports the presence of the United Species Alliance Science Division to the group.

Ace is then sent to look for Lombardi after he failed to return on time from his raid on the Primm-Phillips supply depot.  He comes back to report to the family Lombardi's death, and also reveals some supplies he was able to get.  After the family splits up, it is revealed Tiago had sent Ace to get supplies, predicting that Lombardi would be a good enough distraction for Ace to go unnoticed.

Tiago then confides his ultimate plans to Ace, and asks him to deliver a message to their pursuers on where Oscar is hiding.  Ace does this, but shows signs of hesitation before agreeing.

As the night progresses, Simon Trevor launches his final assault on Tiago's camp.  Ace and Alex Lawton help defend the Li Station, but Ace becomes mortally wounded.  In a last ditch attempt, he triggers a trap and detonates some bombs that were set for intruders.  He dies in doing so, and his effort turns out to be in vain as the pursuers are undamaged by the blast.  

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ace is not gifted with any superhuman abilities, but thanks to his feline make up, he is extremely agile and excels at stealth missions.  He is the family's prime scout, being able to sneak around both 1523 Chakming Drive and the Primm-Phillips supply depot even when there is the Alliance present.  He is a skilled athlete and one of most fit among the Lawtons.


Because he is so loyal, he is willing to die for his brothers.  This proves to be the case in his demise.  Unlike the deaths of the other siblings, however, Tiago shows true remorse when Ace dies.


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